Delinda Norvelle

Agent / Realtor
Reno, NV Office
NV BRE# 0033987

Mobile: 775.223.1767

The Acquisition

The drive back and forth from the Central Valley of California to Reno, Nevada can wear you out. When the need to add an agent to manage our sales in Reno came up I wanted experience, honesty and someone I knew I could count on. I first met Delinda Norvelle while she was working for another builder as a part of their sales team. She exemplified all of the aforementioned qualities and I knew I could count on her. We added Delinda to the Escala Team in mid 2016.

The Evolution

Although Delinda was born and raised in the Bay area of Northern California she has lived in the Reno area for over 15 years. She spent those years working in the mortgage business and in new home sales. Her attention to detail is utilized in her hobbies as a seamstress and crafter. The care she shows for each customer she serves is evidenced by the rave reviews she has received. I am sure that the new home buyer will appreciate her down to earth approach of honesty, integrity and old fashioned hard work as she navigates them through their new home purchase.

Stepping Forward

Delinda will head up our sales in the affordable Canyon Hills subdivision in the Cold Springs area of North Reno. From there we will have her move on to our Douglas County and Carson City projects. Carefully crafting each home purchase and customer one stitch at a time.

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