I'm a Buyer

Whether you are buying your very first home or the house where you will enjoy your golden years, the purchase experience should be like a glass of champagne, enjoyable, simple, and first class despite any bubbles along the way.

The agents at Escala understand that every Buyer is different, each with their own set of wish list items, needs, and expectations. We believe in offering timely, efficient, and first-rate service to our Buyers. Escala agents walk you step-by-step through the buying process, breaking down and explaining the items that you need to know, and handling all of the behind the scenes details so you don’t have to.

Call an Escala Agent today to start your home buying process.

Before You Buy

Where do I even start?! Buying a home may seem like rocket science at first, but Escala Properties is here to simplify your experience. Here are a few things that you should do prep yourself for the move and to strengthen your buying power.

1. Create 2 lists:

a. What are the necessities for my lifestyle?
Location, number of bedrooms, number of stories, budget, etc.

b. What are the desirables for my home?
RV access, pool, craft room, man cave, etc.
Ask yourself: What are the necessities for my lifestyle?

2. Strengthen your credit score:

a. Minimize expenses

b. Pay off credit cards

c. Pay down student loans or car loans


3. Select an Escala Agent to walk you through the process.

4. Get prequalified by a reputable lender to determine your budget.

Read Purchasing a Home to learn how to get prequalified for a home loan.

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Purchasing a Home

Buying a new home should be an exciting and memorable experience. Allow our experienced agents to guide you from the beginning of getting prequalified to the last day that you acquire your keys. Follow these easy steps to buy a house:

1. Select an Escala Agent

2. Get Prequalified or Pay Ca$h

a. First, you need a great lender

b. 2 years tax returns

c. 2 months bank statements

d. 30 days pay stubs

e. FICO score

f. DD-214 (Veterans)

g. Our preferred lenders will evaluate your financial situation and recommend the best loan program specified to your needs. They can also help you build a game plan to improve your credit, if needed.

3. House Hunting

4. Write An Offer

5. Escrow

6. Closing

7. Move In & Enjoy!

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