Lending A Helping Paw

Lending A Helping Paw

Jun 22, 2018 | No Responses

Lending A Helping Paw

June 21, 2018  |  By Jessie Watson

“Life is given to use, we earn it by giving it.”
– Rabindranath Tagore

One day a woman strolled into our Rose Park sales office in Modesto to view the model homes. After previewing, she stopped to speak with the sales agents. On the topic of occupation, the lady “Jade” began explaining that how she was an animal foster parent. She had met a lady named “Julia” who had made miraculous efforts in the Central Valley to save countless numbers of animals in need. Julia saved a dog named “Kate” from euthanization at an over-crowded local animal shelter. Julia then created her own organization, “Kate’s Rescue for Animals”.

In the midst of offering lovely new homes and providing real estate expertise; our brokerage was looking for a way to give back to the local community.  Escala Properties Real Estate Brokerage is proud to announce that we are officially a supporter of Kate’s Rescue for Animals. Our team could not be more pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause. The folks of the organization have dedicated their time, funds, hearts and souls to the furry friends of the Central Valley and their selfless team deserves all the help that they can get. Kate’s Rescue takes the time to get the animals vaccinated, spayed/neutered, necessary medical procedures and eventually finds them a safe home. The organization accepts all types of animals and has taken in everything from dogs and cats, to lizards, chickens, birds, and even a goat!

After hearing Julia’s cause, we asked her team to visit our office to share her story and mission with our Escala Team. To our surprise, Miss Julia arrived with a number of friends, some with two legs and others with four. Julia went on and explained the stories for each of her recently saved friends:



Abbey, an adorable grey pug with a damaged leg and incontinence issues was left at a shelter because the owners did not have the time or patience to deal with her high maintenance needs. I am excited to say that with a diaper, a dress, and some love this pup is living a fabulous, well-attended to life, and her snorting little self is happy as a pug ever could be. We called this one
“Pig-Pig” because she snorted throughout the whole meeting.





Maverick, is a handsome pitbull that was born deaf and was tragically being trained for dog fighting. This scared little creature needed an exceeding amount of care which he thankfully was able to obtain. The ladies explained that just because the dog is deaf that it didn’t mean that he couldn’t be trained… Simply that he needed to be trained differently. Now the lovable dog will be placed with a family that has the time and willingness to properly care for his special needs.







Rider, a precious, affectionate french bulldog with a cleft palate was scheduled to be put down by the breeder as a cleft palate is a “defect for that product of dog”. Kate’s Rescue stepped in a got this little dog surgery so now he can breathe easy and he already has an eager family awaiting his arrival.







Gisele, a teacup-sized chihuahua, was found IN A DUMPSTER left for dead. Thankfully a kind person found this little gem and called Kate’s Rescue. Pretty much, every agent in our office was fighting to sneak this irresistible creature home… But Julia insisted that she had already been adopted. Thankfully Julia and her trusty team are finding homes for all of these gorgeous dogs!






Our goal as a donator is to provide funds to Kate’s Rescue on a monthly basis and to help raise awareness for Julia and all of Kate’s fuzzy friends. This is a chance to help all of the animals in the area that are unable to help themselves…

Because pets are people too!


Website:      http://www.katesrescue.org/

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/katesrescueforanimals/

Donate:       https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=yMpkVTzetg87gmRXbAr5jjghlIfllSTKQohs7v06l_vPggnFC71t872ekBxJa_TAFBYDI0&country.x=US&locale.x=US

Adoption Events:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/katesrescueforanimals/events/


Author: Jessica Nickell (Jessie Watson)

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The Acquisition

When I first met Jessie she was serving a marketing internship at a Country Club. It immediately struck me how in tune she was in making the smallest detail important to help satisfy a demanding clientele. As I got to know Jessie, I learned that she was finalizing her business and marketing degree at CSU Stanislaus. She didn’t just earn a degree but held status on the Dean’s List. I later learned that Jessie was a member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society in addition to showing leadership in the position as Vice President of the Phi Beta Lambda Business Club. If you’ve ever taken one of Jessie’s MUVZ exercise classes, you’ll learn a lot about the determination I saw in her. I knew she was the right person to join the Escala team.


The Evolution

Jessie first started working in marketing and administration for another real estate company where she learned the basics of the business. I asked Jessie to join our team to handle the marketing of a large portfolio of resale properties from a long-time client. She immediately took charge and was instrumental in the marketing of two properties per week. Jessie helped to get the homes “market ready” and was successful in putting each home under contract in less than 15 days. Her organizational skills made it possible for the clients to see the status of each escrow and make their financial plans accordingly. Jessie has quickly become an expert at monitoring every aspect of a transaction with complete professionalism.


Stepping Forward

Jessie has now stepped up to handle luxury home sales, using those skills of dealing with a discerning clientele, that were evident when I first met her. She began her first new home sales project in 2016 which allowed her to round out her experience. I have no doubt that Jessie is destined to become a leader in the industry.

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