The Origins

Escala Properties was formed in 2009 by Richard A Hughes following the 2008 deterioration of the overall Real Estate market. Rick saw the need for change in the “new reality” of an evolving market based over 35 years of varying Real Estate experience, both in his private portfolio and those of longtime clients and partners. Having dealt with similar issues in the past recessions he felt that fast and focused reaction led to asset protection and positioning to take advantage of opportunities that would come later.

As banks evaluated foreclosed assets Escala became positioned to represent purchase, management and sales of those assets. Escala would provide a retail outlet for buyers that would later take advantage of the reduced values of those properties. The team was encouraged by the fact that never before was there an opportunity to purchase properties with such low sales prices, up to date architecture, and low interest rates on borrowed capital, a virtual “perfect storm”.

The Evolution

As the market settled, new opportunities presented themselves. The marketing of new homes being constructed and the sale of existing homes that had reestablished their value became the new focus. Escala was positioned to assist builders in acquiring well located lots at favorable values to offer their clients value in great homes in the right neighborhoods. With the added activity Team Escala grew to our current sales force serving the Central Valley of California and Reno, Nevada markets.

Today Escala is marketing consultant and the sales team for eight new home communities with sales in excess of 250 homes per year.

Stepping Forward

The Escala Team is made up of both young and experienced, we represent varied cultural beginnings and strive to stay abreast of all of the latest market trends. As in 2009, when the market came to sudden change, we will continue to be an innovator in the Real Estate market and evolve as the market dictates. Advising and protecting our clients most valued real estate assets.

Escala Agents

  • Richard A Hughes

    CAL BRE # 526755
    NV BRE # 1000591

  • Tiffany Leon

    Agent / Realtor
    CAL BRE# 01466870

  • Ryan Nickell

    Agent / Realtor
    CAL BRE# 01969571

  • Jessica Nickell (Jessie Watson)

    Agent / Realtor
    CAL BRE# 01968827

  • Pablo Gomes franco

    Agent / Realtor
    Falo Portugues
    CAL BRE#02022756

  • Joseph Vejar

    CAL BRE# 02016025

  • Daniel Maciel

    Agent / Realtor
    CAL BRE# 01903819

  • Jennifer Cross

    Agent / Realtor
    NV BRE#0176887

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