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Escala Properties was created in 2009 to service and represent the new home sales

for local builders, like the reputable Florsheim Homes. As a an individual Broker, Richard Hughes, managed all of the new home sales for years.


In 2015, Richard decided that he wanted to start a team to represent

multiple subdivisions in Modesto for Florsheim Homes. As time went on (and the market picked up), Escala needed to grow to keep up with the new construction demand. Richard brought on more agents as our local builder clientele ramped up production throughout the Central Valley. 


You're busy! We get it.

At Escala Properties, we believe that you deserve to enjoy your real estate

experience and that starts with great customer service and simplicity.

We pride ourselves on our hospitality backgrounds and in

creating a comfortable working environment for our clientele.

Our company places a high priority on education. By keeping a close read on local market trends, lender programs, interest rate fluctuations, economic factors, various tools, new construction practices, and more we are able to create a streamlined approach and individualized strategy for every single client. We respect that every one of you is different and and should be treated uniquely.

Our brokerage has embraced the world of technology! But if you prefer an

old-fashioned phone call, no problem. If you are busy and require expedited simplicity, then we have you covered with the latest and greatest

in real estate technology.

We handle the details, so that you can handle your life.


Did you know that some new home builders won't accept a deal with a buyer that is contingent upon selling a home? Why? Because the builder is at high risk of building a home for a client that may cancel at the end because their home didn't sell in time. This is extremely costly and daunting to new home builders. 

Our new home builder clients are confident in accepting contingent

deals listed with our brokerage because we have an amazing track record of providing successful results for our mutual clientele.

Our residential resale team has been representing contingent buyers for years.

We have a unique skill set when it comes to strategically planning the timing to maximize profit and minimize the stress that can come with a contingent sale.

There are many moving pieces to these types of transactions and

hiring experienced experts can make all of the difference.


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